Live Painting of Michael Schumacher’s F2000 at Motorworld Köln Rheinland

Last Sunday you could watch Armin Flossdorf doing a live-event at his current pop-up location in the Motorworld Köln Rheinland. Since the anniversary of Michael Schumacher first driver’s title with Scuderia Ferrari was only 4 days ago, 8th October 2000, he painted the F2000 Ferrari sports car live during the day. It was the legendary car with which Michael finally brought the Formula 1 title back to Maranello, the origin and centerpiece of Scuderia Ferrari. This car is also part of the Michael Schumacher exhibition by the Schumacher Foundation, which you can visit in Cologne. Visitors of the Motorworld Köln Rheinland could watch Armin Flossdorf during the whole process of fulfilling this masterpiece of art. These are the conditions in which his works of art are created normally when he travels around the world on the Formula 1 race tracks, for example as a special guest in the famous F1 Paddock Club or at other places around the F1 races.


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